Ruitao Cai

Phone: (+86) 158-8993-3539   E-mail:



M.S., Zhejiang University, China

Expected: 03/2017

  • Major in Computer Science
  • State Key Laboratory of CAD&CG, Advisor: Prof. Kun Zhou

B.E., South China University of Technology, China


  • Major in Software Engineering (GPA: 3.71 / 4.0)



  • Programming Languages: Proficient in C/C++, Objective-C; Familiar with Swift, Python, Lua
  • Theories: Knowledge in Computer Graphics, Data Structures and Algorithm, OOP


Work Experience

Intern, iOS Engineer, QQ/QZone, Social Network Group, Tencent


  • Develop and maintain iOS version of WNS SDK, it is a low-level wireless network
    service for mobile apps in SNG, e.g. QZone, QQ Notes, Watermark Camera
  • Enhance interactive experience, fast image cache and retrieve,3D Parallax effect



InstanceFace, research work , 3D face reconstruction SDK


  • A SDK for 3D face reconstruction from single user image, and then deform virtual
    characters to fit the 3D reconstructed face, also with texture blending.
  • Authorized to BianFeng Games

2vCode, iOS App


  • An iOS app that based on works Colorful Halftone QR Code (as listed below), and
    implement some new features, e.g. online name card.
  • [App Store] [Github Source] [Video]

FacePup, research work


  • A real-time facial motion capture solution based on webcam, build plugins for
    Autodesk 3ds Max® and Maya®, used in movie and game production
  • NetEase Games and Reallusion
  • [Video]

Gaze Correction, research work


  • Proposed a technique for gaze correction in video conference
  • [Github Source]

Colorful Halftone QR Code, research work


  • Proposed a new method to embed a color image into QR Code.
  • [Github Source]

Master of Rubik Cube, iPad App


PhotoCool, Android App


  • An Android image editing app, with camera filters, support online backup.
  • [Video]



Award of Honor for Graduate, Graduate of Merit/Triple A graduate 2014–2015
The Third Hongkong-Macao- Guangdong collegiate programming contest 1st Place 2013.6
Google Android Developer Challenge ,south china region 3rd Place 2012.12
The First China Software Cup collegiate programming contest 2nd Place 2012.8
The National Scholarship 3 times (merit based 5/285) 2011/2012/2013


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昨天晚上去膜拜了一下祖师爷Allen Turing,看其传记电影 The Imitation Game . 当然,也是因为这是卷福的电影。

重要的事情要说三遍!电影里面一些话,一些场景一直在重复着, 一直在脑海重复着…

“Sometimes it s the very people who no one imagines anything of.  Who do the things that no one can imagine. ”

Christopher->Turing   ;    Turing->Clack  ;  Clack-> Turing;







Even when the thunder and storm begins

I’ll be standing strong like a tree in the wind

Nothing is gonna move this mountain or change my direction

I’m falling off the sky and I’m all alone

The courage that’s inside is gonna break my fall

Nothing is gonna dim my light within

But if I keep going on it will never be impossible

Cause I got something to believe in as long as I’m breathing

There is not a limit to what I can dream

Cause I got something to believe in

Believing mission to keep climbing

Nothing else can stop me if I just believe and I believe in ‘me’

Even when the world tries to pull me down

Tell me that I can’t… try to turn me around

I won’t let them put my fire out

Nothing else can stop me if I just believe

And I believe

I can do it all, open every door

Turn unthinkable to reality

You see I can do it all and more

Believing as long as I’m breathing

There is no limit to what I can dream







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